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Psychology and Mental Health


Online Psychology Texts

Free online psychology synopses, including general psychology, personality, statistics, and research methods. Click the links below to go there.
  Psychology 101

       Table of Contents
  Personality Synopsis

       Table of Contents

  Statistics Primer 

 Research Methods *NEW*



Psychiatric Disorders

Symptoms, etiology, treatment and prognosis for over 50 of the most common disorders.  Click the links below to go there.
  Diagnosis Facts

 Alphabetical Index of all Disorders
       Anxiety Disorders
       Dissociative Disorders
       Eating Disorders
      Impulse Control Disorders
       Mood Disorders

      Psychotic Disorders
      Sexual Dysfunctions

      Sleep Disorders

      Somatoform Disorders
       Substance-Related Disorders

      Personality Disorders



Online Tests & Quizzes

Psychology Information tests, self-help quizzes, and diagnostic screening.  Click the links below to go there.
  Online Tests Home
       Academic Psychology Tests
       Mental Health Screening Tests
      Self-Improvement Quizzes



Psychology Reference Section

The complete psychology reference section.  Includes a 500+ word psychology dictionary, biographies of famous psychologists, an extended timeline of psychology history, recommended books, and more.  Click the links below to go there. 
  Timeline of Psychology * Expanded - 387 BC to present *
  Psychology Biographies
  Psychology Dictionary * 500+ Terms Defined *

  Psychology Bookshelf

  Street Drug Fact Sheet
  Psychotherapy Facts

  Psychotropic Medication Guide



AllPsych Journal

Articles on important psychology topics in the real world.  Click the link below to go there.
  Journal Article Index



Careers and Education in Psychology

Information on APA approved graduate programs and career information.  Click the links below to go there.
  Careers in Psychology
  Programs in Clinical Psychology
  Programs in Counseling Psychology
  Programs in School Psychology
  Education Links



Psychology Resources

News, online resources, and more.  Click the links below to go there.

  Psychology News

  Psychology on the Web

  Guide to Online Psychology



Research Projects

AllPsych sponsored and University sponsored research.  Help us advance our knowledge of psychological phenomenon.  Click the link below to go there.
  Current Online Research



Fun and Games

Just for fun, online games to test your concentration, analytical skills, coordination, and more.  Plus ten crossword puzzles to test your knowledge of psychology.  Click the links below to go there.

  Optical Illusions
  Crossword Puzzles
  Online Psychology Games


The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient, site visitor, or student and his/her existing psychologist, mental health provider or college instructor.

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